10-23-2016 10:20 pm
Seasonal fruit supplier.
Fruits of fall
Southeast France

Our offer is mainly based on the trading of berries and stone fruits from spring until the end of autumn.

However we also propose a whole range of autumn fruits : fresh and dry walnut of Dauphiné, Ardèche sweet chestnut and wild mushrooms of the surrounding reliefs.

The Rhone Valley is considered as the first orchard of France.

This region is a national leader for the production of apricot, cherry, raspberry, walnut and sweet chestnut. Our producers' network is located in the heart of this dynamics today and goes on to Provence area and the banks of the méditerranée.

Our trump card : making our customers enjoy a late seasonal production of berries and stone fruits.

thanks to the fields and orchards set in mountainous area, such as the Ardeche region, we can supply cherries during the first weeks of august, apricots during th first weeks of september and some berries until the first of winter frost.

Ever fresh !

Ours fruits are shipping the same day after they are picked. Our warehouse in Chateauneuf sur Isère is located near to the main companies of road haulage.

Eat the seasons !

Our business model is based on the trading of seasonal fruits and especially summer fruits from the Rhone valley. So we wished to create an easily recognizable brand for our target market.

  • Wholesale suppliers
  • retail, hall fruit market
  • Catering firms
"Summer Time: launch of a range about snacking summer fruit. Product of the moment. The 250 G. cherry shaker"